Discovering the Key Message Your Soul is Trying to Convey

Illustration depicting the spiritual connection and communication between the soul and the individual, representing the message your soul is trying to convey.

You don’t have to shoot for the moon. You already possess them. Just dig deep inside yourself!


Whether or not you do the same, I seem to be the sort of person who is always thinking of novel concepts and having profound insights, both in my professional and private endeavors.

In addition to the several note-taking applications on my phone, I also have a plethora of notebooks and diaries strewn around my room.

Even though I take copious notes in an effort to retain key information, I often fail to recall the “big a-has” that prompted those notes since I have already gone on to the next topic.

Being a note-taking and epiphany-making machine has its perks, and one of mine is the opportunity to rediscover old ideas whenever I open one of my many notebooks or applications.

I found this lovely letter, or rather, message to myself, the other day, and I just had to share it with you.

The event was to be a Chakra Healing gathering, and my old buddy had called me in early June to ask if I could assist with the planning. I jumped at the chance to participate for the duration of the event week. (Who doesn’t enjoy a last-minute road trip to Los Angeles to see old friends?)

Working at a function like this has its rewards, one of which is the possibility of crew members taking part in the activities.

I can’t recall the specifics of the exercise I took part in, but I do remember that we were instructed to meditate and sit in quiet for a while, and then we were told to make a connection with our higher selves and listen to the message that came through.

For people who are just getting started with meditation and “connecting” with something bigger than themselves in 3D, this may all seem like a lot of hot air.

But I’d want you to think about the possibility that you have a higher self or at least another aspect of your mind that is familiar with the path and may help guide you. A facet of yourself that cheers you on, loves you unconditionally, and has your back

It was with this aspect of myself that I made contact, and the fruition of this endeavor (the encouraging, delicious message to myself!) continues to astound me to this day.

There are a few reasons why I know with absolute confidence that I was supposed to be at this event and in this room for this specific activity. The first is that I need to look out for myself.

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The words I’m going to share with you have moved me profoundly and speak to me in a variety of ways. It’s something I read again and again whenever life gets tough.

Another reason I was definitely there for this specific drill is because I think everyone should hear this message, which leads me to my next point.

I pray it resonates with you on a profound level, because if you’re anything like me, you keep that inner voice and the accompanying sense of knowing safely hidden.

My higher self’s message to me is as follows, and I believe it to be true for a portion of you as well:

The wisdom of my soul tells me that I am a strong lady. My inner strength far exceeds my perception of it. But I have a quiet strength about myself.

Changing and shifting, yet still growing and developing.

Modifying, but not altering, who I am Growing into my own unique identity. Developing a deeper understanding of who I am I got to know aspects of myself I had never considered before.

Coming to terms with the fact that the qualities in other people that I like are latent inside myself as well.

What I dislike in others is already there in myself; all I have to do is acknowledge this.

Knowing that I have the power to create my own reality and that if I stay true to who I am, good things will happen to me

The fact that I’m scared tells me I’m making progress. That I should acknowledge the fear, figure out what it means to me, and then move forward with my life rather than giving in to it or dwelling on it.

To not apologize for having been, being, or being who I am.

We can all agree that she’s rather astute, right?

Tell me how this idea resonates with you. Please leave your thoughts in the section below.

This is a simple and straightforward workout that everyone can do.

Just find some quiet time and space to unwind for five minutes. Relax, shut your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to bring yourself fully into the situation. Then, without delay, start writing down the answers to the questions your higher self has for you.

I have a feeling that what you read will blow your mind and that the advice you get will be spot on.

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