Discover Your Passion and Do What You Love in These 8 Steps

Find Your Passion and Pursue Your Dreams - 8 Steps to Discovering and Doing What You Love

Never mind the wants of the world. Determine your source of vitality and pursue it; the world needs those who have really awakened.

Howard Thurman

To be sad and loathe my life for fifty hours a week is not why I spent two years and $100,000 on a master’s degree in counseling from an Ivy League institution.

After working in the nonprofit sector for a while, the stress and strain became too much to bear, and I began experiencing debilitating panic attacks. Most of the time, I felt fatigued, and it was a struggle to find any pleasure in my life, which had previously been full of it.

When I stopped to pay attention, my internal dialogue went like this:

You’re not following your passion; you know that. You have no idea what you’re really enthusiastic about, and your life lacks any kind of deeper significance. Why are you wasting your life on this?

I felt like there was more out there for me to do, but I couldn’t decide what it was. I was lost, helpless, and, worst of all, ashamed of my indecisiveness. I was just kind of floating there, waiting for anything to tell me what to do.

The more time passed, the more I realized how much I was wasting. Ahead of me, I could see my life ebbing away, leaving me with nothing but regrets and “what ifs.”

After being dishonest with myself for far too long, I decided to do some real introspection into the source of my discontent. I probed deep inside to discover what it meant to really be myself. I finally realized that the reason I’d been so miserable was because I wasn’t really committed to anything.

I started my own coaching company six months later. I finally left my job and took back control of my life a year later, and I’ve never been happier.

However, this does not imply that nothing went wrong.

I was nervous about leaving my job, despite the fact that I had been working on my own company for months. I had no idea whether my company would succeed or if I would ever be able to support myself financially.

For months, I skipped happy hours and Sunday brunch dates, shared an apartment to reduce my rent in half, and avoided unnecessary expenses to build up my money.

I knew I didn’t want to be miserable any longer, and that was more important to me than any income, so I never worried about choosing the “wrong” option when I decided to pursue my passion, despite the fact that it was emotionally taxing and required a leap of faith.

Feeling hopeless about the future is terrible, but discovering your passion may put your mind at ease. Discovering your own calling is like locating your own unique road map. Finding your true calling may provide you with a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.

How to Find Your True Calling and Pursue It in 8 Easy Steps

Take it easy.

We discover the solutions we’ve been seeking when we slow down and connect with the best version of ourselves. This might include activities like regular yoga practice, walking, or meditation. When you slow down, you can stop hearing all the noise around you and focus on what you have to say.

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Alter your narrative.

Every person has a narrative they tell themselves about who they are, what they are capable of, and what they are due in life. By being aware of the negative narratives we tell ourselves (e.g., “I’m not worthy enough; I have no right to be happy”), we may replace them with more empowering ones and plot out steps to take to become the person we want to be.

Take pride in being different.

We don’t exist at random. You have a special set of abilities that no one else has. Everyone has valuable contributions to give to the world; the key is to embrace and celebrate what sets you apart.

Develop your self-assurance.

If we keep telling ourselves that we can’t, we’ll never overcome our inability to do so. There is always the possibility of failure, but without confidence in yourself, you can never achieve your goals. Affirmations, goal-setting, and vision boards may all help you get where you want to go in life.

Locate the common thread.

When we take stock of our lives and identify recurrent patterns, we have a framework within which to make decisions about how to proceed. What reoccurring ideas or lessons have you learned? What do you keep coming back to? Where do you feel the most agony and suffering in life? Where may one find the most sunshine and happiness?


When we write without a plan in mind, ideas come more easily. Sometimes fresh ideas just pop into your head, and suddenly everything starts to make sense. Take some time out of each day to sit quietly with a pen and paper and think about whatever it is you’re thinking about without any distractions.

Let loose and have some fun.

Self-imposed standards may become a major stumbling block. Instead of prioritizing, we get caught up in the little stuff and our to-do lists. Where do your interests lie? Where do you find joy? What would you be doing right now if money were no object?

Conquer your fears.

It’s tempting to put off going after our goals until we have more time, money, or expertise, but the reality is that this will never happen. These justifications are only a cover for our underlying anxiety, and we need to recognize them as such. The first step toward progress is gaining insight into our own worries and seeing how they are preventing us from taking action.

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