8 Simple Methods to Make People Happy – Boost Your Happiness Skills

Simple methods to make people happy

In other words, today’s seeds have the potential for a beautiful future.


I’ve always known that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I’ve always wanted to establish a nonprofit of some kind. Like me, I’m sure you go about your day with a secret hope that someday you’ll be able to make a difference in the world. What gives?

Time, money, anxiety, and a lack of strategy were all reasons I put off taking action. You probably face some of the same challenges that I do.

Up until recently, I had the restrictive idea that I would only follow my passion and make a difference in the world once I had finished getting my master’s degree, my present part-time job at a call center, and raising my two young children, neither of whom is yet five years old. Someday.

Totally false!

My employment in a contact center has exposed me to many tragic events, which have served as lessons for me to learn from.

I’ve realized something profound: the only thing I have is today. And I had best not waste it.

So, I made a deliberate decision to let go of my anxieties and begin distributing joy instead.

While I may not be in a position to launch my own nonprofit just yet, I realized that I could at least begin by volunteering with an existing group. I decided to join the hospital clown initiative in order to help out with the day-to-day tasks.

I made a conscious effort to do little things to provide joy to the people closest to me, including my spouse, my two children, my family, my friends, and my coworkers.

I lighten their load by making them pancakes or a mug of hot cocoa or simply listening to them talk about their day.

I get the impression that you have doubts about this hippie strategy. The same goes for me, but please do try it!

This narrative has been an inspiration to me. Something I read somewhere struck me as striking in its seeming simplicity.

Once upon a time, there was a female traveler who always brought two suitcases. She hid flower seeds in the sacks. She would scatter these seeds whenever she went somewhere new or passed by. Many people questioned her motives.

She said, “It’s a lifetime habit of mine.” I doubt I’ll ever return, but at least I’m leaving something lovely for future visitors to enjoy by scattering flower seeds over the area. It makes no difference that none of them really know me. That I can provide joy to at least one person is all that counts to me.

What if this were our guiding principle?

And so does my grandmother. She was left to care for her siblings after the death of her parents in 1940s Russia. There were many reasons for her to feel resentful and depressed. But no matter what, she’d smile and cheer everyone up.

Everyone enjoyed being in her company. She, like the female traveler, planted the seeds of joy in the hearts of all she encountered.

Imagine a world in which everyone carried a few smiles with them. Maybe it’s too general to say “everywhere.” Let’s start close to home, with the people we know and the people we could meet on the street. Let’s make everyone in our close group happier and kinder.

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If you’re anything like me and have a full plate, you may be at a loss as to where to begin. Think about what is being said and see if there is anything you can incorporate into your daily life.

1. Treat Yourself Gently

In the event of a potential mishap, parents are advised to put on their oxygen masks before providing assistance to their children. It’s the same case here.

Treat yourself with compassion. Really. You know the saying, “You can’t give if you don’t have.” Feel free to express yourself creatively in whatever way you choose, whether it be through dancing, song, or art. Simply take pleasure in it. Then, go forward and make others happy.

2. Smile

This is the single most effective way to brighten not just your own day but also the days of others around you. Don’t sit around and hope for joy; instead, actively seek it out by focusing on the positive aspects of your life.

3. Amaze Them!

Use flowers, modest gifts, nice words, aid, a hug, or genuine praise to surprise the people you care about.

4: Play the Hero

Take note of a stranger and do something kind for them.

I just saw a hero save the day. A man who seemed to be homeless entered a café in search of caffeine. The patrons and staff alike treated him as if he didn’t belong. He rapidly ran out of cash as he counted his coins.

This kid came up and paid the man’s outstanding balance before I could say anything. As he sipped his coffee, he relaxed. To me, that’s a typical Superman gesture.

5: Compliment Someone or Something You Like

Keep it real. Feeling cheerful and sharing good vibes with others around you is preferable to spreading negative rumors. Win!

6. Make a Conscious Effort to Think Positively

Mind what you think, because what you think becomes what you say, and what you say becomes what you do. We might compare the ideas in our heads to seeds for a flower garden. They may either make people happy or unhappy. The ball is in our court.

7. Pay Close Attention While You Listen

It’s deceptively simple; very few people can do it well. Focus entirely on the person with whom you are conversing. It has the potential to completely alter one’s impression of another person. So now we have two satisfied customers!

8: Become Adept at Something

Then give it out as a lesson. Languages and culinary arts are only two examples. Create your own nonprofit and do good in the world. Keep that to yourself, okay? Have a good time!

To be happy is not the point of life; rather, it is the reward for a life well lived.

Roosevelt, Eleanor

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