How to Recognize Your Life’s Purpose and Calling in Five Easy Steps

Discover your life's purpose and calling through five easy steps outlined in the informative article, 'How to Recognize Your Life’s Purpose and Calling in Five Easy Steps.

Give in to the mysterious pull of your true passions without making a sound. ~Rumi

Africa captured my heart when I was very young. It was a simple, unfocused affection that had nothing to do with the specifics of that huge continent. The time I spent in Africa was essential in revealing my initial calling to me.

To have a strong inner drive toward a specific course of conduct, particularly when accompanied by belief in supernatural guidance, is what Merriam-Webster means by “calling.”

My first mission was to make friends with those who didn’t appear to have anything in common with me. It allowed me to become a Peace Corps volunteer and travel around rural Africa, where I made lasting connections with the locals. It introduced me to folks who didn’t share my background economically or culturally.

Like many vocations, mine provided me with a means to spread kindness around the globe. I was searching for a personal connection that transcended barriers of language, socioeconomic status, and cultural norms.

My first vocation taught me the power of listening to another human being and how it may provide healing and nourishment to not just myself but to everyone around me.

Having a vocation does not make it any less challenging to carry it out. Those who believed I should acquire a real career or do something safer, like staying close to home, were discouraged when I didn’t take their advice.

To finally take the plunge and join the Peace Corps, I had to confront a lot of my personal “shoulds” and anxieties.

When the call first started to whisper in my ear, I had a hard time figuring out what it meant. Initially, I didn’t understand what it meant, but as I followed its guidance, I gained confidence that I would eventually understand. There may be moments when the caller gives you hints that no one else will understand.

Trusting the process as it presented itself and accepting it as “right” for me at that moment in my life is what I learned to do in Africa.

When we tune in with our hearts, we are certainly led in directions that benefit us. Having listened to their insistent voices has influenced who I am now.

There are many roles we’re meant to play in this world. We don’t have to settle for just one “life purpose” or goal since there are so many ways to fulfill our potential.

How content we are with our lives is proportional to how much we pay attention to and follow our callings.

Since my time in Africa, I have taken many different paths in both my career and personal life. When I ignored divine promptings, I, too, had to endure pain. Some vocations were more obvious than others, and some were simpler to pursue than others.

Even though I have developed and evolved, a little of my original vocation has remained. In my line of work as a life coach, I see this most clearly. It is a privilege and an honor for me to be a witness alongside my clients, to listen attentively and empathically, no matter what history they bring to our sessions.

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Repeatedly, I have been informed that my attentive listening has helped individuals see through deceptions and get the insight necessary for them to mend, move on, and take action. To me, this proves the significance of my vocation.

Take some time to reflect on your life’s purpose. It might be in the background of your daily activities or staring you in the face. Your calling doesn’t care whether you’re technically correct; it’s just your heart telling the truth. Pay attention.

In what ways are you spreading hope and positivity? If you’re having trouble finding your true calling, consider the following:

Take note of your interests.

Examine the books on your nightstand, the items on your Amazon wish list, and the blogs you subscribe to. What makes you the happiest or the angriest? Is there a topic you’d like to share your opinion on? Why?

Think back on the many roles you’ve played throughout your life.

Recognize the lessons you’ve gained from following previous callings and ask yourself what, if anything, still resonates with you. Gather information that might lead you to your true calling. If you have a calling that is no longer meaningful to you, you should let it go so that you can make room for a new one to emerge.

Keep a journal about discovering your life’s purpose.

Answer the question, “What is my calling?” with fifty written statements. Get moving and start writing! You must reach fifty without pausing or revising. Your life’s purpose will reveal itself to you. It’s also likely to make you emotional. That’s some great news.

A fantastic blog piece by Steve Pavlina, How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes, provides more explanation.

Inquire about others’ opinions.

Gather feedback from loved ones about what you’re most interested in. Find out what they think your purpose in life is. Keep track of the “yes!” reactions you have to the various suggestions.

Take a stand for what you believe in.

Create a list of the things you hold dearest (the characteristics that define you, not the person you believe you should be). In what ways are you now respecting those ideals? In what ways do your morals shed light on your vocation?

Deep happiness and, by extension, a more thriving world result when we live our lives in accordance with our callings. Is there a voice in your head? So, what are your plans to rectify the situation?

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