Reveal the Real Reasons Behind Your Hidden Emotions: Learn and Empower Yourself

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Judging someone else doesn’t make you an expert on them. You are the one who determines your identity.

Dyer, Wayne

Recently, I’ve had to deal with feelings of jealousy. I never liked feeling responsible for this bad sensation.

I’d always tell prospective partners and new pals, “I genuinely am glad for everyone.” And I really believed I meant it.

I would have an indistinct distaste for the individual rather than jealousy, which was absurd given that I didn’t experience envy.

Who was my closest buddy in elementary school who went on to compete for Miss America? I fabricated an excuse for her excessive use of cosmetics, saying that she was being “fake.” I tried to feel pleased for her, but it was difficult.

Another young lady I didn’t take a shine to She’s a spiritual teacher and best-selling author, and she looks adorable while spreading cosmic love to millions of people. When did I stop liking her?

Since I was unable to identify the source of my unease, I fabricated a reason why I didn’t have faith in her honesty.

The most painful realization is that someone I’d known since freshman year of high school became someone I actively disliked when she began dating a guy I was interested in. You’d think I’d be able to put the pieces together, but the truth just wouldn’t enter my head.

This distaste was so nebulous that it escaped my conscious attention.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed my consistency. What I thought was contempt was really a tiara of jealousy.

I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge that I envied these ladies.

I aspired to have a best-selling book and get widespread attention. Even when I started dating my current partner, I still longed to be with him. I wore a tiara because I wanted to spread joy to the public and because they’re spectacular.

It took me a very long time to figure this out. My dislike for these females troubled me. It disturbed me to the point where I started paying them more attention. I kept up with them through their blogs, YouTube channels, and scheduled events. Despite my best intentions, I never got around to reading those novels.

Lack of comprehension of why I didn’t like them had a strong grip on me until I was mature enough to identify my underlying problem.

Although it may not seem significant, the shift from hatred to open envy was crucial from a therapeutic standpoint.

When an individual’s focus is on deception, no amount of therapy will help. The time spent resenting these ladies was very poorly spent. Because it was fabricated, it could not be cured until I addressed the real issue, which was just envy.

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Admitting my envy was another act of humility. Most of my day is spent thinking about and doing acts of love and service. I mistakenly believed that I had moved beyond feeling sad.

I believed I had moved beyond that, but I realized that was not the case. By being honest with myself about it, I was able to overcome it and feel love again.

After that, I was able to step back and take an honest look at my life, identifying areas where I might start implementing changes that would yield the same or comparable outcomes. I was able to feel empathy for these ladies as well. Like me, I could see that they, too, had flaws and fears.

While evaluating them, I unintentionally elevated them. To find fault, I had to transform them into something they weren’t: myself. It turned out that removing them from their perch up high helped me take action toward realizing my goals.

I was holding myself back from achieving my goals because of my jealousy of other people. I had a detached grasp of it all. It was subterfuge of the highest kind.

How would my evolution help you?

Here are some strategies for recognizing suppressed feelings and transforming them:

Find out What or Who is Making You React this Way

All things outward are really interior. If anything external bothers you, like another person’s actions, it’s because you too contain that quality. There wouldn’t be any feeling attached to it if you didn’t.

Remove the Value Judgment

Feeling down doesn’t make you any less wonderful, less spiritual, or less loved. Give yourself permission to express your own desires, emotions, and attachments.


Love yourself through your truth, your grief, and everything else connected to your predicament. This will calm you down physically and mentally, giving you time to let the crisis pass. You can see the good sense and thinking that went into making it.

Just Keep in Mind That We are Very Smart Creatures

That it is possible that we are able to learn from our mistakes by channeling our negative emotions demonstrates not just that we are trapped inside ourselves but also that there is always room for growth and development if we are open to it.

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